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Digiplan Start UP Contest Powered By Allahabad Bank

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Year 2016 has been declared as ‘The Digital Year’. The vision of Digital India has become a proclamation of nation’s advancement in digital technology by incorporating the various aspects of digitalization in the development of the nation.

Aisect University, Madhya Pradesh’s premier private university has always supported and promoted the leading and significant ideas through its various programmes, events and participation on the national and international level. This time we are on our way to promote the Hon. Prime Minister’s notion of ‘Start up India-Stand up India’ through a state level B-plan contest based on the advent and prevalence of the Digital Technology in Indian Business context. We invite B-plans from the youngsters of MP which are in any way incorporating, promoting and supporting the Digital India Campaign.

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Contest Details

The contest will be conducted in two stages-

  • Concept Submission (12th Feb – 25th Feb) - Interested participants are required to submit the synopsis of their plan in 200-300 words online through our online submission portal. The submitted plans will undergo judgement through our jury panel and the promising plans will be short listed. The short listed participants will be called for the registrations and for the final stage of the contest. The registration fees will be Rs. 200 (individual) and Rs. 500 (group).
  • Presentation Stage (06th Mar – 07th Mar) - The short listed and registered participants will present their plan in the allotted time duration of 10 minutes in the Aisect University campus. The upper limit of the group members is four. The finalists are required to carry the following points about their plan in their presentation-
    1. About the plan
    2. Feasibility
    3. Utility of the plan
    4. Innovative approach
    5. Revenue model
    6. Funding
    7. Sustainability

Event Timeline :-

 Date DurationPhaseDescription
 12th⁃25th FebPlan Submission Stage Submission of the plan synopsis by the interested participants.
 25th⁃28th FebJudgement by the jury.
(short listing of plans)
Short listing of promising plans.
 29th Feb⁃3rd MarRegistrationsStage 1 results announcement, Registrations of the short listed participantrs.
 6th MarFinal Registration Stage10 min. presentations from the finalists at the AISECT University campus.
 18th MarAward CeremonyAward Distribution to the winning plan.

Stand UP Awards

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Entrepreneurship is the call of the young India in the present scenario, resulting more than 8000 start ups operating in various elds viz. technology, social service, online services etc across the nation. Year 2016 has been declared as 'The Digital Year'. The vision of Digital India has become a proclamation of nation's advancement in digital technology by incorporating the various aspects of digitalization in the development of the nation.

AISECT University, Madhya Pradesh's premier private university has always supported and promoted the leading and signicant ideas of enterprising through its various programmes, events and participation on the national and international level. This time AISECT University and Bharti Airtel Supported by CRISP, Association Of All Industries, Mandideep and Allahabad Bank are on the way to impart the recognition to the promising entrepreneurs contributing towards the notion “Start Up India, Stand Up India”. The award named as “Stand Up Award” is a way to acknowledge the efforts, achievements of the entrepreneurs supporting the Digitalization and its related elds in Central India.


Any organisation/institution/company fullling the following criteria are eligible to le their nominations-

  1. It must be based and operational mainly in Central India.
  2. It must be directly or indirectly related to the 'Digitalization concept' by working in elds like digital marketing, manufacturing or services or support, incorporate this concept in its eld through its operations. Nominations will be lled through our online portal. The nominees are required to submit the abstract detailing about their company their Product and models opportunity and also about the achievements.
  3. Nominations fee is Rs. 1000/-
  4. Nomination filing period -15th Feb to 10th Mar 2016

Nominations will be filled through our online portal.

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The Stand Up Award has been categorized according to the different perspective of entrepreneurship and digitalization.

  CAT - ITHE RURAL AWAKENING- Uplifting the rural life style and e- Commerce through technology.
  CAT - IIINNOVATIVE UTILITY- Marking new innovations and their utilization in digital marketing.
  CAT - IISMART URBAN - Improving the city life and helping the cities to emerge as the smart cities of future.

About Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel Limited is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, the company ranks amongst the top 3 mobile service providers globally in terms of subscribers. In India, the company's product offerings include 2G, 3G and 4G wireless services, mobile commerce,xed line services, high speed DSL broadband, IPTV, DTH, enterprise services including national & international long distance services to carriers. In the rest of the geographies, it offers 2G, 3G and 4G wireless services and mobile commerce. Bharti Airtel had over 350 million customers across its operations at the end of December 2015. To know more please visit, www.airtel.com


Centre for Research and Industrial Staff Performance, (CRISP), Bhopal has been established in the year 1997 as a Society under the Indo –German Technical Cooperation agreement. Ministry of MSME, Government of India was the line ministry for this project whereas the Department of Technical Education & Skill Development, Government of Madhya Pradesh and German Technical Cooperation agency (GTZ) were the implementation partners. It is headquartered in Bhopal with national & international operations dedicated to human resource development & organizational development. These activities are targeted at Government, Industries, Academic Institutions, Developmental Organizations as well as the Civil Society.

Association of All Industries, Mandideep

The Association has catered to the needs and benets of its Members and Business Community at large. It is not just a Grievances Ventilating Body, the common concept of other Associations, but, it is a service forum rendering important services to the Industrial Community. It acts as a channel to ventilate the Members views,

Judgement Criteria
  1. Profitability of the Start Up.
  2. Sustainability of the Start Up.
  3. Future Development Plans.

Rhythm Tech-Fest 2K16

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About Theme and Objective

Visit our Facebook Page - facebook/RHYTHMDIGIGEN2K16 and tap on the REGISTER ONLINE link and register online. Payment will be done at the time of reporting to the Participants Reception kiosk at the Aisect University Campus.

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Fill up the registration form and submit the same to the Assigned Manager of your Institute within the allotted time limit with the registration fee amount in cash.

Event & Competitions

  • DIGIQUIZ - Based on the Digital India Campaign and the Advanced Digital Technology in the world.
  • DIGIDEBATE – Parliamentary Debate contest based on a given topic.
  • DIGIEXTEMPO - Various topics related to ‘India and Technology’.
  • DIGIARTICLE - Based on ‘Advent and prevalence of Indian Technology in the world’.
  • DIGISPELL - Spelling contest based on English words.
  • DIGIHAIKU - Hindi Haiku writing and recitation contest based on ‘’.

Arts Events
  • DIGIPAINTS- Painting contest based on ‘Technology in nature’.
  • DIGIT-SHIRT – T-shirt painting contest based on ‘Social Media and Youth’.
  • DIGIRANGOLI – Rangoli designing contest based on Icons and Logos on the Internet.
  • DIGIPOSTER – Poster Making contest based on ‘Future of Social Media’.
  • DIGITOONS - Caricaturing contest based on ‘Famous people online’.
  • DIGIHANDICRAFT - Handicraft items making.
  • DIGICLICKS - Photography contest based on ‘Life in the AISECT Campus’.

  • DIGIDANCE - Solo and Group Western Dancing contest.
  • DIGIVOICE - Solo and Group Singing contest.
  • DIGIVOICE - Solo and Group Singing contest.
  • DIGISKIT- Skit contest based on promotion of Digital India Campaign.
  • DIGIMIME - Mime act contest based on Digital Technology in Life.
  • DIGIACT- Mono acting contest.
  • DIGIPLAY- One act play based on E-life in India.
  • DIGIBEATS- Beat Boxing performance contest.

  • ROBORACE - Track racing of wireless controlled All-Terrain Rovers.
  • AERORACE - Air show contest of copters and other aircrafts.
  • MODEL - ‘Made from Waste’ model making based on Science & technology.
  • PRESENTATION – Power Point presentations based on a given topic.
  • LAN GAMING – Gaming contest on LAN.
  • JAVA PROGRAMM – Composing a programme to build an Application.

SPORTS EVENTS (1st MAR – 05th March 2016)

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