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Ongoing Research

1 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.Pratima Gautam Basant Kumar Verma AU120934 AISECT University Developing a cluster-based intrusion detection system (CIDS) with enhance features for wireless sensor network Male
2 Electronics & Comm Dr.R.P.Gupta Abhishek Nagar AU120940 AISECT University Performance analysis and optimization of Cluster Based Algorithms for Medical Image  segmentation  Male
3 Electronics & Comm Dr.A.S.Zadgaonkar Aizaz Tirmizi AU120952 AISECT University Hybrid channel allocation in wireless mobile network using hybrid genetic algorithm Male
4 Electronics & Comm Dr.R.P.Gupta Anamika Sharma AU120958 AISECT University Enhancement of the performance of sar (Synthetic aperture radar) Female
5 Electronics & Comm Dr.R.P.Gupta Anshuj Jain AU120944 AISECT University Image Denoising Method with Ant Colony Optimization in Nanosubsampled contourlet Domain Male
6 Electronics & Comm Dr.R.P.Gupta Bharti Chourasia AU120963 AISECT University Performance evaluation of edge detection techniques Female
7 Electronics & Comm Dr.A.S.Zadgaonkar Pramil Singh AU120945 AISECT University Diminution of noise using adaptive algorithm Male
8 Sociology Dr.Rekha Gupta  Jessy Mathew AU120946 AISECT University Effects of woman working on child's socialization and career prospects (Madhya Pradesh) Female
9 Sociology Dr.Rekha Gupta  Mathew John AU120937 AISECT University Impact study of skill & vocational training on the socio-Economic development of rural youth in the backward district:Mandla Male
10 CHEMISTRY Dr.Jyotsna Mishra RASHMI SHRIVASTAVA  AU131651 AISECT University Isolation and structural elucidation of compound from euphorbia thymifolia linn.For their pesticidal activity Female
11 CHEMISTRY Dr.Jyotsna Mishra RICHA SHARMA  AU131670 AISECT University Insecticidal Activity of Active Constituents isolated from plants Female
12 COM.SC.& ENGG Dr.Pratima Gautam MANDAKINI TAYADE AU131665 AISECT University Security on network layer by using trust based scheme in cognitive networks Female
13 COMMERCE Dr.Deepti Maheshwari BHANU SAHU AU131662 AISECT University E-commerce based computaional model for computer technologies Female
14 ELECTRONICS & COMM Dr.S.R.Nigam RAVINDRA GOPAL LIMAYE AU131743 AISECT University Extension Framework to interpret human behavior using face gestures recognition Male
15 ELECTRONICS & COMM Dr.S.R.Nigam SHRAVAN KUMAR SABLE AU131762 AISECT University Performance Analysis and Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Metamaterial Male
16 ELECTRONICS & COMM Dr.S.R.Nigam VIVEK RAJPUT AU131756 AISECT University Role of electronic circuits in improvising energy harvesting from renewable resources with special reference to maximum power point tracking  Male
17 MANAGEMENT Dr.Monika Malviya ASHI AIREN AU131766 AISECT University An Analytical study of group dynamics and conflict resolution in private Sector with Special reference to Bhopal City Female
18 MATHEMATICS Dr.Basant Singh BAKLE PRACHI HARSHAL AU131658 AISECT University Historical study of special and general theory of relativity and solution of A paticular problem of general theory of relativity Female
19 MATHEMATICS Dr.Basant Singh GURJAR SWATI SANJAY AU131660 AISECT University Study Of Some Problems of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity with Special Reference to Cartan Theory Female
20 MATHEMATICS Dr.Basant Singh HATEWAR SHILPA ABHINAY AU131661 AISECT University study of newtonian mechanics as a corollary to general theory of relativity Female
21 MATHEMATICS Dr.Basant Singh MEENA TIWARI AU131659 AISECT University Weakly projective and weakly injective modules and flat modules Female
22 PHYSICS Dr.Suryanshu Choudhary DIVYA DUBEY AU131744 AISECT University Effect of Solar Atmosphere on Anisotropic Variation of Cosmic Ray Intensity Female
23 SOCIOLOGY Dr.Rekha Gupta  ANITHA S. PILLAI AU131740 AISECT University Impact of compensation on livelyhood of mic affected bhopal:A case study of bhopal Gas Tragedy Female
24 SOCIOLOGY Dr.Rekha Gupta  ASHOK KUMAR JATAV  AU131745 AISECT University e/;çns’k ds jktx<+ ftys dh Hkhy tutkfr;ksa dk lekt 'kkL=h; v/;;u Male
25 Chemistry Dr.Birjesh Singh Mohita  Kulshrestha AU141780 AISECT University A Study on Impact of Industrial Effluents and Hazardous Substances of Mandideep Industrial Clusters on Water Quality of Betwa River Female
26 Chemistry Dr.Sudeshna Ray Prachi  Tadge AU141781 AISECT University Luminescent materials as Spectral Converter in solar Cell : Synthesis, Characterization and optical Study Female
27 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar Rajeev  Sharma AU141708 AISECT University An Approach to mine significant Association Rules from Educational Data Male
28 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar Jitendra Singh Kushwah AU141709 AISECT University A Method to Eliminate Cold Cache Pollution by Improved LRU-D Algorithms Male
29 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.Sitesh Sinha Aumreesh Kumar Saxena AU141711 AISECT University Development of Intrusion Detection system using Mobile Agent for Local Area Network Male
30 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar Vijay  Bhandari AU141712 AISECT University Development of a efficient and secure image transposal algorithm using 16*16 quantization table Male
31 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.Priti Maheshwari Shalini  Stalin AU141713 AISECT University An Image Encryption Scheme Using Blocks Female
32 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar Arshad  Usmani AU141714 AISECT University Design of novel model for secured routing in mobile ad-hoc network Male
33 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.Priti Maheshwari Naziya  Hussain AU141715 AISECT University Design and Devlopment of Mobility models Based Attack Resillient and Efficient Protocol for Vehicular AD-HOC Network Female
34 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.S.Veenadhari Poonam  Chaudhary AU141716 AISECT University Opinion Extraction and sentiment classification about products from online customer reviews Female
35 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.Sitendra Tamrakar Shadab Pasha Khan AU141718 AISECT University Performance Analysis of Next Generation MANET and its Security Strategies Male
36 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.Priti Maheshwari Rakesh  Kumar AU141723 AISECT University Software Methods and Development Techniques for the IoT Male
37 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.S.Veenadhari Nidhi  Singh AU141728 AISECT University Particle swarm Optimization for Feature Selection to Improve Performance of Decision Tree Classifiers Female
38 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.S.Veenadhari Nitya  Khare AU141729 AISECT University A Cipher Design Algorithm Based on Matrix with Compressed Multistage Encryption Female
39 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.Pratima Gautam Apurva  Saxena AU141730 AISECT University Virtualization Environment in Cloud Computing using Honeypot Female
40 Com.Sc.& Engg Dr.S.Veenadhari Harsh  Mathur AU131737 AISECT University Effective Secret Communication in Preventing Cybercrimes using Affine Transformation Male
41 Computer Application Dr.S.Veenadhari Karuna Nidhi Pandagre AU141722 AISECT University Optimization of Association Rule Mining using Genetic Algorithm Female
42 Computer Application Dr.Priti Maheshwari Timothy  Malche AU141726 AISECT University Architecting the Connected Future: The Internet of Things (IoT) for Building smart City Male
43 Computer Application Dr.Priti Maheshwari Abhinay Saikhedkar AU141724 AISECT University Energy Efficient schemes for Internet of Things Male
44 Education Dr.Savita Sharma Radhika  Bhadoriya AU141749 AISECT University fHk.M ftys ds mPprj ek/;fed Lrj ds fo|kfFkZ;ksa ds O;fDrRo ,oa ekufld LokLF; dk mudh 'kS{kf.kd miyfC/k ij iMus okys izHkko dk v/;;u Female
45 Education Dr.Savita Sharma Hasrat  Jahan AU141750 AISECT University A Comprehensive Analysis of Values, Attitudes and Occupational Stress on Upper Primary school Teachers of Bhopal Division Female
46 Education Dr.Savita Sharma Raghvendra Singh Bhadauriya AU141751 AISECT University mPp ek/;fed Lrj ds fo|kfFkZ;ksa ds lek;kstu ,oa vkRefo’okl dk mudh 'kS{kf.kd miyfC/k ij iMus okys ÁHkko dk fo’ys"k.kkRed v/;;u Male
47 Education Dr.Savita Sharma Rekha  Sharma AU141752 AISECT University iafMr Jhjke 'kekZ vkpk;Z ds lkfgR; lanHkZ esa efgyk f’k{kk ij v/;;u Female
48 Education Dr.Savita Sharma Mamud Salim AU131777 AISECT University A Study of emotional Maturity, Personality and Common Teaching Competency of Teachers Trainees at Graduation level with Reference to Malda District of West Bengal Male
49 Education Dr.Savita Sharma Ram Kamal Saha AU131778 AISECT University Changing Scenario of Primary Education and Its Impact on Dropout Rate, Retention Rate and Enrolment A Study of Malda District of West Bengal Male
50 Electronics & Comm Dr.Sitesh Sinha Om Prakash Mishra AU141733 AISECT University Design and Development of an embedded System based Cosmic Ray Muon Detector and Recorder Male
51 Electronics & Comm Dr.Sanjeev Gupta Anwar Ul Haque Qureshi AU141736 AISECT University Design of Dual Band Compact and High Gain Microstrip Patch Antenna Male
52 Electronics & Comm Dr.Sanjeev Gupta Veeresh   AU141788 AISECT University Energy Efficient Systematic-RLNC Framework for LTE-Advanced Networks Male
53 English Dr.Ritu Kumaran Amreen  Jahan AU141759 AISECT University The Impact and importance of english language in career,profession and in corporate world Female
54 English Dr.Ritu Kumaran Monty  Rana AU141761 AISECT University The Characteristics if English literature & its influences over indian society Female
55 Management Dr.Neha Mathur Harit  Kumar AU141740 AISECT University Rising Trends and potential Threats of Neuromarketing with special Reference to Indian smart Buyers Male
56 Management Dr.Vijay Singh Jaya  Acharjee AU141745 AISECT University A Critical Analysis of Stress management among working women in IT sector in India with reference to Bangalore City Female
57 Mathematics Dr.Chitra Singh Devendra  Sahu AU141764 AISECT University A Critical Analysis of Mathematical Content in Vedic Literature and Vedic Mathematics Male
58 Mechanical Engg Dr.Rajiv R Lal Abraham Moody
AU141771 AISECT University The Analysis of Customer Focussed Product Development of steel Plant BY QFD Male
59 Mechanical Engg Dr.Rajiv R Lal Dharmchand 
AU141772 AISECT University Multiproduct Assembly Line Balancing by Heuristic Approach using Expert System Coded In C++ Male
60 Physics Dr.Suryanshu Choudhary Ajay  Ghosh AU141779 AISECT University Effect of Solar Activity Cosmic Ray Intensity Variations and Earth Atmospheric Weather Male