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Centre for Science Commn (CSC)
Centre for Science Commn (CSC)

Centre for Science Communication: At a glance

In general terms we assume that Science Communication is all about Science only.but here at AISECT University we are committed to create Scientific perspective in each person of the society without insisting for his scientific background. It includes science lectures,Seminars,exhibitions,

journalism, policy or media production. Our Science communication efforts also include communication between scientists (for instance through our scientific journals Electriniky Aapke Liye), as well as between scientists and non-scientists.In Education field Science communication may generate support for scientific research or study, or to inform decision making, including political and ethical thinking.

From our students’ point of view, we convince them that Science Communication helps you too in another way, like

  • You gain a better grasp of what you do.
  • You acquire the vision of next generation of science & technology.
  • You expand your skill set & You expand your network.
  • You help create a societal change.

During this Year (2017-18) at Centre for Science Communication,AISECT University,Bhopal,we have arranged following programmes ;

  • Lecture by Dr.Jayant Sahastrabuddhe,Orgainsing Secretary,Vigyan Bharati focusing on the subject “Vivekananda & Science”on 24.06.2017 at Sharda Auditorium,AISECT University.
  • Show of Science Play “Galileo” scripted by shri Santosh Choubey held at Bharat Bhawan on 30.06.2017 along with demonstration of Science songs.
  • on 01.07.2017 inauguration of compilation of Science fiction stories titled “Super Nova Ka Rahasya “& experts’ lectures held on Science Communication by reknowned science communicators shri Devendra Mewadi,Dr.Arwind Mishra,Dr.Irfan Human,Shri Manish Mohan Gore,Dr.Zakir Ali Rajneesh,Dr.Arshiya Ali,during the programme a short film “Aliens aur Hum” was also screened.

During the current year Centre for Science Communication,AISECT University has planned to conduct various programmes focusing on works & Scientific journey of great Indian Scientists i.e.Prafull Chandra Ray, Visvasvaraya, S.Chandrashekhar, Homi J.Bhabha, A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, Saalim Ali, Birbal Sahni, C.V.Raman, J.C.Bose, Sriniwas Ramanujan, Satyendra Nath Bose, Raja Ramanna, Hargovind Khurana & at the end of the March 2018 a special programme on the Journey of Man ( Manushya Mahabali kaise Banaa ?) Exihibition,Lecture & excursion to Bhimbetka, has also been planned. Apart from these activities Centre for Science Communication,AISECT University will make all out efforts on the various art & culture platforms to popularize the Science (Viz contributing articles in various Magzenes & newspapers,Discussion in electronic Media like AIR,DD,FM channels etc.) And above all Centre for Science communication,AISECT University is going to start to run science communication awards every year in various categories during 2017-18.

In current scenario World leaders are starting to believe that investment in science leads to stronger economies and sustained development.Hence,there are immense possibilities in science communication,on the one hand,boost students’ carrier and impact on daily life’s works, and,on the another hand helps to be part of social change.

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