Incubation Entrepreneurship
Incubation Entrepreneurship
The Incubation Entrepreneurship and Startup Development Centre (IESDC) has been established to promote and motivate entrepreneurial activities amongst the students. It fosters creativity and offers support in translating an idea to business. It encourages the student to attend workshops on entrepreneurship development, arranges the study tours for understanding the process and structure of business and industry. IESDC-AU also organizes workshops, conferences, technical events, project exhibitions and Industry - Institute interaction sessions by collaborating with Industry and Government agencies to promote entrepreneurship. The high light is that student is inducted in to this activity in his/her initial years in the university so that he/she has adequate time & training to grow as an entrepreneur through available start up.
To be a leading entrepreneurial professional development centre, research and information service provider in the field of entrepreneurship promotion/ motivation and development and management of micro small and medium enterprises.
To create a conductive environment for entrepreneurial activities through organizing different type of training programmes, research and other activities aimed at capacity building and enterprise creation with focus on Renewable Technology, Agricultural and Computer Networking Sectors.
• Startup support at the University and to the local area people.
• Encourage to develop Micro, Small and Medium Scale Industries.
• Attract investment to uplift the industrial and social economy for the startups and training programmes.
• Help in Modernize and strengthening of the industrial units in Industrial area by extending consultancy helps in industrial academia interaction and development of in-house technology.
• Creation of conductive atmosphere for the young entrepreneur and startups’ for enabling them to compete at national/ international levels, for availing global recognition.
• Creation of Basic Infrastructure for Startup & Industrial Development.
• Creation of job opportunities through Self Employment Schemes.
• Train and develop the entrepreneurship skills among the educated unemployed youth.
• Become Facilitator Bridge to gap between unaware youth by providing awareness regarding Government schemes and how to utilize it by promotions, seminars and webinars.
• To conduct research and provide consultancy for entrepreneurship development.