AISECT - rese
Mission and Vision

To be valued as a coveted centre for nurturing talent, imparting skill based quality education and promoting research driven advancement of knowledge for creating responsible professionals who will build a progressive nation.


  • To foster research oriented culture in the university.
  • To provide education through extensive and innovative use of technology.
  • To nurture talent, stimulate thinking, impart skills and create competent and inspired professionals for the industry.
  • To forge collaborations with academic and corporate bodies across the world.
  • To be recognized as a premium national university providing dedicated services for the social and economic development of the nation.


Personal and institutional integrity in AISECT University implies coherence between thoughts, words and action in the best interest of the nation.

It connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as truthfulness, straight forwardness and absence of lying, cheating and theft that the AISECT University expects in every one in the University.

It makes one fully understand unique contribution that every person in the University makes and values all diverse perspective.

Sparking the intellect of the youth in the AISECT University where ever possible to take unbeaten path and develop new methodology & process to empower the society.

It implies that both individuals and the University as whole will consistently strive for outcomes that are exemplary rather than simply satisfactory.

Service calls us to use our calibre talent, abilities and capabilities for well being of our countrymen.

It draws everyone in the AISECT University to do daily work with a positive spirit and welcome new ideas and people with open arms and reassuring smile.

Freedom of thought and Expression
The AISECT University permits everyone to think freely and express views within the framework of the Indian Constitution and in the best traditions of rich Indian culture.

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